Applying to High School
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Have a Rising 8th Grader?
 Navigating the high school process is challenging, particularly here in New York City. What schools are best? What schools will be best for my child? What tests must my child take? When should my student prepare? The questions abound!

Most encouraging is the fact that there are several excellent choices for your student when it comes to choosing high schools. Below outline a few excellent options—public and independent—that should begin to direct your journey toward finding the perfect school fit for your child.

Specialized High Schools—Specialized High Schools are a group of 9 public high schools in New York City. The only requirement for admission is the ‘Specialized High School Admissions Test,’ the SHSAT. The test is a rigorous two and a half hour exam composed of two main sections: verbal and math. If your child is interested in these schools, the summer leading into your child’s 8th grade year is an excellent time to become aquatinted with the exam, given this is the only requirement for admission. Students will take the exam in late October of their 8th grade year

 Independent Schools—There are many Independent Schools with rigorous curricula and diversity of extra curricular activities both in New York City alone and throughout the country. Each school has it’s own criteria for admission, however these schools generally require the following:

-your child’s academic transcript
 -Standardized test score (either the ISEE, or the SSAT)
-letters of recommendation -an interview at the school
-Personal essay (in response to a prompt)

The process of applying to Schools should begin the summer of student’s rising 8th grade year. Students will need time to prepare for the ISEE and/or SSAT as well as gather and prepare materials for the application process. Generally, admissions to Independent Schools close in January of your child’s 8th grader’s year, and decisions are issued to students in early spring. Important in your child’s decision to apply is figuring out what standardized exam (required for admission) best shows your child’s aptitude. Some schools take both the ISEE and SSAT and thus this decision is relevant; others only take the ISEE or SSAT and thus your child will not have a choice. Students will also want to take time preparing their personal essay as this is the only place on the application admissions get to know the student beyond their grades, test scores, and extra curricular activities.
Screen High Schools—Screen High Schools are also excellent public high schools in NYC. Unlike the Specialized High Schools, Screen High Schools consider a much more complete student profile in their admissions process. Examples of Screen High Schools are Beacon and Millennium. Like Independent schools, they review the following documents.
Performing Arts Schools—New York City students with an interest in the arts have an array of high school choices dedicated to cultivating artistic talent. To gain admission to these schools, in addition to demonstrating your academic aptitude, you must also exhibit strong artistic skills in the form of an audition and/or portfolio. These auditions usually fall in October or November of the student’s 8th grade year.
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Charles was incredible. He made all the difference and SHSAT prep helped with Bard assessment as well. Many thanks, he got into his first choice schools.
“Bee Tutored satisfaction for the SHSAT comes down to five words: HE GOT INTO BROOKLYN TECH.”
Start your summer off on the right foot by familiarizing yourself with your various options. Should you need support, Bee Tutored can offer support preparing for HS admissions by offering 1:1 sessions as well as small group classes at their classroom in the heart of Park Slope at 7th avenue and President Street.
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